Lessons of the Angels

The "Ascension Workshop" was designed by Angels
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The fist part of the “Ascension Workshop” instructs you on the Light and explains how to protect rand clear yourself from Darkness

Go to Meditation


You will be guided on a Meditation to your Higher Self so that you may clear any Karmic binds for your journey to Ascension

Go to Knowledge


The Knowledge of Angels is given to each participant so that they may understand their path, the Octaves and the course of the Earth in our distant future.

Go to Ascension


During the “Ascension Workshop”, Mark will read your ‘Angel Record’ revealing your Octave, current Karmic Incarnation and which Octave you will Ascend

Join Mark for a live "Ascension Workshop" to discover your own Ascension

Discover Lessons of Angels in the "Ascension Workshop" online

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